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Most think filing bankruptcy is the last resort or the end of the financial road.

You lose your job, get sick, a possible divorce or any number of life’s situations and suddenly you are put in a position of financial difficulty. The thoughts of not knowing what to do and hopelessness are rampant. The good news is if planned and filed properly a bankruptcy has the potential to give you a fresh start and help you control your finances moving forward.

We are BCN Law Firm and it has been our privilege to help people in Clermont, Florida get that fresh start. We have clients in Lake County, Orange County and most of Central Florida who has allowed us the opportunity to use the State and Federal laws governing bankruptcy to afford them the chance to start over. When you call our firm in Clermont we will consult with you for free and determine if bankruptcy is right for you. During that consultation we can discuss the many debt relief options that are available to use in your situation.

Bankruptcy in Clermont: Start Fresh
Once we determine if a Chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best option for you we can file. In most cases this will end the harassment you get from creditors and bill collectors and also give you options for a viable foreclosure defense. Think about the chance to start answering the phone again without fear. Or wondering what dread each new day brings. The freedom of opening your mail. Yes, that is a freedom taken for granted when you are overwhelmed with debt. The good news is if a bankruptcy is not your best option then we can guide you to alternatives that will help in paying down your debt and deal with credit issues.

Whether it is you or a loved one trust that BCN will not stop fighting for you or your rights. One call to 855-LAW-2020 and we will offer a free consultation* to discuss a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy plan today. You can also e-mail us and it will be confidential.