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**Buying, Selling or Defending your Home—BCN Law Firm**
Please fill out the form above if you are in the process of buying a home as we will offer you a free consultation* to make the real estate closing flow smoothly.

You need experienced legal guidance if you are looking for the best way to either save or let go of your family home— through informed foreclosure defense, a loan modification or short sale, or other strategic measures — and need a clear, comprehensive picture of your equity situation, outlook and legal options

BCN Law firm Attorneys specialize in Clermont real estate law and will scrutinize and affirm property transactions such as purchases, leases, appraisals and inspections. We will also assist in resolving any insurance and environmental issues. When something negative happens with a transaction, our  lawyers will go to court to properly defend property owners that are involved in disputes.

As Real Estate Attorneys in Lake County, the law offices of Boyette, Cummins and Nailos handles a variety of legal issues in relation to real estate transactions. Our office in Clermont not only handles real estate law, but we also handle cases like bankruptcy, foreclosure, personal injury and probate.


We aggressively Pursue Options Enabling You to Keep Your Property.

If you want to keep your home or other real estate, but economic factors have put that property in jeopardy, we want to help. Our experienced Lake County Florida Real Estate Attorneys are easy to speak with and adequately positioned to counsel those with difficult financial problems.

  • Mortgage and loan modifications — including negotiating a locked-in rate or some other form of workout that can enable you to catch up and keep up.
  • Refinancing solutions for those whose overall situations enable the location of a new lender willing to refinance.
  • Discovery of violations or deceptive practices by your lender through a TILA (truth in lending) audit.


  • Florida Loan modifications — are within reach for many people — these help you move from a variable rate mortgage to a locked-in rate and it will make it possible for you to make timely payments.
  • Depending on your equity situation, we may be able to help you work with a new lender willing to refinance.


In a lot of  cases, when a new loan with new terms will not help you, we may be able to help you complete a short sale in order to:

  • Minimize short-term damage to your credit
  • Free you from an obligation you do not want to keep
  • Limit or eliminate your future financial exposure so you can start fresh without the past dominating your future.


Our Real Estate Attorney covers the following areas:

Homeowners Association Law
Landlord and Tenant Law
Condominium Law
Contracts and Claims
Property Rights
Eminent Domain
Mortgage Law
Property Taxes

Buying your own place can be a very exciting time. It can also be a very confusing time. The Real Estate Attorney at Boyette, Cummins & Nailos, PLLC, will sit down with you to discuss a plan and help you each step of the way. Whether it’s help with your inspection, purchase agreement, title and title insurance, deed, mortgage, or closing, the attorneys at BCN will be there to make sure every step is as smooth as possible. Call or email us today for your free consultation*.

If you have questions regarding a residential or commercial real estate property in Central Florida including Clermont, Leesburg, Winter Garden, Ocoee and West Orange County, contact us so we can help you avoid making serious mistakes. We can provide comprehensive real estate services throughout Florida, including residential and commercial transactions. The Real Estate Attorney at BCN Law firm is ready to fight for you. Call now for the free consultation* at 855-LAW-2020