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Clermont Criminal Attorney

BCN Law Firm is committed to helping anyone who asks for it. When life choices are made in the heat of the moment and you find yourself in a tight spot with the law contact us at 855-529-2020 for your free consultation*. We have experienced Criminal Lawyers in Clermont who understand and are ready to defend you and your rights. Until you call you might not know what those rights are. Our offices are easy to get to and our staff is friendly. The bottom line is that we care and can help!

Our Attorneys come from different backgrounds and life experiences. These experiences have made them very knowledgeable in Lake County Florida criminal law. We offer our clients a unique perspective in dealing with the criminal court system. We believe in remaining true to what we believe and practice open honest communication.

Perspective From Our Clermont Criminal Attorney: We All Can Make Mistakes
Listen, at the end of the day anyone can make a mistake. The thing that matters is in getting a second chance. The problem happens when an arrest is made that it can seem hopeless, as the judicial system can be overwhelming to someone who does not understand the processes involved. We can let you know of programs you may qualify for by contacting us. These programs are known as diversion programs. The requirements for these programs are extensive so you need to give us the opportunity to explain them and to see if you meet the criteria. If the courts in Florida bring charges against you, the consequences might be detrimental to you. These charges can interfere with your keeping a job or seeking new employment, or paying your rent or mortgage and making new friends. Even if you see no jail time these conditions can still ring true. If you’re convicted and jailed the consequences can be much higher. Contact our Clermont Criminal Attorney today to Know Your Options. 855-529-2020.

We handle the following Criminal Cases:

  • All venues related to D.U.I. Charges
  • Drug related crimes
  • Violent Crimes including: assault, battery, robbery, murder, manslaughter and weapons charges, hit and runs.
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Juvenile issues
  • Sex Related Crimes

The worst thing you can assume is that you’re facing something you cannot defeat. The Attorneys at BCN Law Firm can make the difference. We look for any defenses we can use to gain you leverage so that the weight of the law can work for you and not against. Use the contact form and schedule your consultation today.