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Ford PowerShift Transmission Settlement

Those that have driven Ford vehicles equipped with dual-clutch, PowerShift transmissions know that they are often riddled with issues. The cars tend to slam into gear or feel like the gears are slipping – none of which is normal. Repeated trips to Ford dealerships for service are common, where little or no real action is taken to rectify the issues.

Fortunately, there is a class action lawsuit against Ford that will offer relief to those who have been affected by the faulty transmissions. The cars included in the settlement are the 2012-2016 Ford Focus and the 2011-2016 Ford Fiestas equipped with the “PowerShift” dual clutch transmissions only. If you own or have owned an affected vehicle, chances are that you have already received a notice in the mail.

The settlement includes a provision to provide compensation if you had to take your vehicle to the dealership to have the transmission reflashed more than twice. This will pay out from $50 to $600.

If your Ford dealership replaced parts on your transmission needlessly, you may be entitled to up to $2,325 to compensate you for the inconvenience. If you paid for any repairs out of pocket, Ford may reimburse you for those as well.

The settlement accommodates those who feel their PowerShift equipped cars are lemons. Arbitration is not always preferred by consumers, but the settlement allows for your attorney’s fees to be paid should you hire one to take you through the process.

Vehicles with transmissions that are defective are also eligible for a buyback from Ford, which is a fantastic opportunity for those who do not fall under the lemon law, or whose transmission failures were timed poorly. The included provision tells us just how serious Ford perceives this problem to be.

For more information about the settlement, visit www.fordtransmissionsettlement.com. If you are interested in hiring an attorney for arbitration or are in need of help going through the settlement filing process, call the BCN Law Firm today at 855-LAW-2020.