Smart-car technology is becoming increasingly popular and mainstream year over year. It is often touted for its ability to make the driving experience less demanding on the driver and more enjoyable over long distances, but now it is being used to make our roads safer than ever. In Japan, the Toyota Motor Corporation is testing a technology that uses sensors planted in the road surface and in other cars to transmit critical information like malfunctioning traffic signals, cars in your blind spot, and even pedestrians crossing the street.

All the information will be transmitted directly to your vehicle, which can trigger audible or visible warnings depending on the situation, and may be able to apply your brakes in certain instances. This technology has the potential to save countless lives and prevent accidents here in the US as electronics and distractions continue to occupy more of our attention while driving.

Self-driving Cars

Google has taken safety technology to the next level with its testing of self-driving cars. While humans are required to ride along as a passenger for safety reasons, Google’s autonomous cars have accumulated more than 300,000 miles with more than 50,000 of those having no human intervention. Additionally, there have been zero accidents due to fault of the car’s computer.

With as many as 40,000 motor-vehicle related fatalities in 2016, smart-car technologies have the potential to save tens of thousands of lives annually in the United States alone.

Other Benefits

In addition to the safety benefits of smart-car technology, self-driving cars would offer a host of other advantages as well. Those who are unable to drive such as the visually impaired or otherwise disabled would be able to get around on their own, and drunk-driving incidents would diminish greatly.

Though self-driving cars and smart-car technology are quickly on their way to becoming viable to the mainstream, the possibility for automotive injury still exists. If you’ve been in a Florida accident, let the team at the BCN Law Firm fight for your rights. Our lawyers specialize in helping individuals who have suffered loss due to an automobile accident, and we can get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (352)-394-2103.