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Truck Accidents: How an Attorney Can Help

Floridian’s love their pickup trucks. Whether we drive them around leisurely or for work, they can be spotted all over the state. Unfortunately, they can be very dangerous when it comes to getting in an accident. Around 6 million motor vehicle accidents occur in the United States every year. In those accidents, about 30,000 deaths occur. Because of their weight and small cabins, pickup trucks are not as safe as regular cars if involved in a crash. If you or someone you love has been involved in a pickup truck accident, hiring an attorney who is experienced in automotive accidents would be beneficial for you. You may be entitled to compensation for either physical or mental injuries. Let the experienced lawyers at BCN Law help fight for you and your interests. Our attorneys can help build your case by:

  • Conducting interviews with eyewitnesses and medical staff
  • Reconstructing the accident scene with the aid of experts
  • Reviewing traffic camera footage when available
  • Analyzing medical records

What to Look For

The tragic part about truck crashes is, like most car accidents, many of them could have been prevented. Negligence is the most common factor when it comes to truck accidents. Also, trucks have a higher risk of crashing because of their uneven weight distribution and how lopsided they can become. This can cause complications like:

  • A higher chance of a rollover crash
  • Difficulty gaining traction on wet roads
  • Slow to come to a complete stop due to weight
  • Can be less nimble or maneuverable

It has also been proven that only about 69% of truck drivers wear their seatbelts as opposed to the 83% of other drivers.

Hire an Expert

Any motor vehicle accident can get very complicated very quickly. That’s why it is important to hire an attorney who knows all the ins and outs of cases like these, like the lawyers at BCN Law Firm in Clermont. Our attorneys have the skills to negotiate and challenge insurance companies to get you the compensation you not only need but deserve. Let us fight for you and your interests. Call us at (352)-394-2103 to schedule a free consultation* today.