Speak to an Attorney About Your Options Before Filing Bankruptcy

When you retain BCN Law Firm there is one question you will never have to ask yourself: Did I choose the right attorney? Wade Boyette, Heath Nailos, and the other attorneys of Boyette, Cummins & Nailos, PLLC, get results while maintaining the highest level of professional ethics and integrity.

With more than 10 staff attorneys and multiple paralegals, we can handle your bankruptcy case, as well as a variety of other areas of law including:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Corporate and Business Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Divorce Law
  • DUI Defense
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Probate
  • Real Estate Law
  • Sinkholes
  • Social Security Disability
  • Tax Law
  • Wills and Estate Planning

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