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The dream of owning a home is the same today as it was in the past. You work hard and save. At the proper time you go shopping for your dream home and finally find it. You spend time negotiating the price and settle on the deal. You go to closing and produce your down payment (you worked hard for this) and closing costs. The bank hands you the keys and you move in. Sounds like an ideal world, does it not. As you assume ownership of your home, down the road unseen circumstances start to affect your position. You have marriage troubles, the job you relied on is now downsizing, the economy tanks. All of these are perfect storm scenarios that force a homeowner to drastic measures. Does this sound like anything you have gone through? Can you live vicariously through this story? Well, hang on as help is on the way. BCN Law firms Winter Garden Foreclosure Attorneys are ready to come to your aid.

The laws in Florida are vast and if you don’t have good council on your team you can cause yourself damage financially today and in the future. Many banks and attorneys representing them have filed cases with improper paperwork. These banks and attorneys that call for the foreclosure are decimating and trampling on your rights. This lack of responsibility is a horrible representation for the law’s protection of its citizens. Unless you know your rights you are on the losing end of the deal. A well know fact in our industry is that a lot of foreclosure attorneys working for the banks work on commission by the amount of foreclosures the process in some instances daily if not hourly. The system can choke you as it steamrolls over your dream. We can stop this insanity. If you or a loved one is going through a bankruptcy then call our Winter Garden Foreclosure Attorneys today for a free consultation* at 855-LAW-2020 today!

It is a well known fact that banks have in some cases lost promissory notes and claim that they only miss-placed the document. As professional Foreclosure Attorneys in Winter Garden we ask the important questions–Do you have the document! If not we can defend you like a tigress defends its cubs. You don’t want to mess with us as we protect your rights. There are a variety of options available in a Foreclosure Defense:

  1. What Is the Banks Legal Position? Is the Bank the legal owner of the loan or an authorized agent for servicing the loan? In the mortgage climate today the bank may “think” it has the right to repossess your property, but the loan may have its origin with another lender who is not even pursuing a foreclosure.
  2. Is your loan connected to a Real Estate Investment Conduit (REIC)? This is a vehicle that acts as an investment portfolio as it wraps mortgages up in a trust and then issues securities that will pay its investors a pre-determined interest rate. If this is your scenario, then you may have grounds for a specific foreclosure defense. Without going into detail there are “double dipping” areas that may cause the lender to settle with you at favorable terms.
  3. Fraudulent Council: Sometimes when working towards a loan modification people are told that banks’ hands are tied until they stop making payments. Because of this, people stop their monthly mortgage payments in hopes of getting help from a government agency called HAMP. (Homes Affordable Modification Program). This is wrong as banks will start the foreclosure procedures when the payments stop. This is wrong and will be grounds for us to make a strong Foreclosure Defense.
  4. Conditions are Favorable: This simply asks if the bank did all that it could do before issuing a foreclosure lawsuit. When you entered into a contract with the bank you signed a form that specifies what is expected of you, as well as what the lender would do in stipulating legal procedures it would follow in the event of foreclosure filing. We will look over the docs to make sure they did what they pledged

As you can see, the process is extremely intrusive and quite challenging. If you hire the wrong firm it can cost you a lot of money. At Boyette, Cummins and Nailos our Winter Garden Foreclosure Attorneys along with their trained staff of paralegals are ready to fight for you and all your rights. Fill out the free case evaluation or call today for your free consultation*!

At the end of the day we as professional litigators strive to treat you with dignity and honor knowing that all you need is council to the right direction, away from the storm clouds that are over you. Our firm’s motto is: “Know Your Attorney. Know Your Options.“