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Clermont Divorce Attorney

A Divorce may be unlike anything you have ever been through before. At BCN Law firm we know that confronting issues of custody and marital property can be one of the most difficult periods of your life. Finding an experienced Clermont Divorce Attorney who understands Florida law is an important decision that can help the process go a lot smoother for you and your children. That is why our Clermont Family Law Attorney, Kevin Farris, is so passionate about helping his clients. He is concerned, and with over 15 years fighting for families in Clermont his reputation is well known. Call him today at 855-529-2020 for a free consultation*.

After retaining a Lawyer, the spouse seeking the divorce prepares a petition and files it with the court in the state in which he or she lives. Each state has its own residency requirement for how long a spouse must live within its borders before being eligible to file for divorce. See our article on filing divorce papers for links to each state’s forms.

A Clermont Divorce Attorney Who Cares
Our Attorneys do not forget that your children’s rights and interests are tied to the custody agreement and parenting schedule you agree to. It is a high priority that your children receive the best possible care during the divorce by sorting out custody and child support. Our staff does everything possible to ensure that both parents will legally remain part of the children’s lives forever. Every effort will be made to ensure that your divorce is over quickly and easily, to avoid the pain involved.

We understand that your financial future is directly tied to the property agreement you reach with your ex-spouse. The right property settlement begins and ends with a fair valuation and then the distribution of your marital property. We have the independent resources available that ensures that your property is evaluated fairly and equitably. As a divorce attorney in Clermont litigation experience is crucial , and if a need arises that litigation becomes necessary, we will make sure you get all that is due you. Wherever possible, however, we work to preserve your financial assets by working diligently toward a negotiated agreement.
In Florida, divorce or dissolution of marriage begins when one of the spouses files a petition in the court of the county where either or both spouses reside. Florida maintains a six-month residency requirement, meaning that one of the spouses must have lived in the state for at least six months before a petition for divorce may be filed. Our Clermont Divorce Attorney will explain this to you when you schedule a free consultation* by calling 855-529-2020. Contact our offices to schedule a free consultation* today!

Experience and Knowledge from a Lake County Divorce Lawyer:
*Child Support
*Paternity and the Rights of Unmarried Parents
*Child Custody Rights
*Asset and Debt Division

BCN: A Full Service Firm Specializing In Clermont Florida Divorce Law!
A divorce or separation is not a pleasant ordeal. Make the transition easy by getting the right attorney to represent you. At BCN Law firm, we strive to be compassionate and results-driven Clermont divorce attorneys with all family legal matters. Call 855-LAW-2020 for your free consultation* today!