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Parental Rights Attorney in Clermont

The ability to prove paternity can happen when either a mother seeks an initiative to have a father share in the responsibilities of raising a child, or from a father who wishes to establish his role in a child’s life. Establishing this is important financially and also to the well being of the child.

Parental Rights Attorney practicing in Clermont, Leesburg and central Florida
Why is Paternity and Parental rights important? It Helps:
*The mother to receive benefits like child support from the father
*The child to be provided for in the case of the father dying. It establishes asset rights.
*The mother might potentially be given a form of child support if the Father’s identity is discovered
*The children might be eligible for government programs and any health issues would be disclosed at the time of paternity disclosure

Clermont Parental Right Attorney Protecting Unmarried Parents
At BCN Law Firm our Family Law Attorney, Kevin Farris, has over 15 years experience in all phases of family law. He works with both fathers and mothers to attain an equitable solution for the welfare of the children.
When we consult with fathers one of the things they assume is that they have a legal paternity as their name is recorded on a birth certificate. This is not always the case as the records are inconclusive. Also, until a legal paternity is achieved the mother can not by law press for alimony, child support or any of the platforms she could have by a true paternity. You must seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer who will explain the process so you can proceed with the correct knowledge. Contact BCN Law Firm today to know all your options.
Just a note to unmarried dads. You can not assert any legal rights until you satisfy a paternity and then assert your rights as under the law. Call us today at 855-LAW-2020.