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Child Support Attorney In Clermont

Nothing seems to be more hotly contested and than child support issues when going through a divorce or modifying one. As one of Clermont’s largest Family Law Firms it is our job and duty to help temper the emotional pull and make sure that in the process we get the best possible outcome for our clients. At the end of the day it’s about the children and doing what is right for them. Our Family Law Attorneys deal with all phases of Divorce law including Child Support and Custody issues. They are compassionate at all times while knowing what the law is in regard to your situation. You can call 352-394-2103 today and ask for a free consultation* with any of our Family Law Attorneys.

Clermont Child Support Issues:
Child Support in the State of Florida is easy to understand as long as the right attorney is working for you. BCN Law Firm has the size and experience to  represent you and fight for you.

You need to have an attorney who understands the law and will get you results. We can! There are nuances that an experienced Clermont Family Law Attorney will find. Things like undisclosed possible income from a second job, or income from unknown businesses.

BCN Law Firm would be honored to represent you in your case. Our knowledge and size will help protect you and your children.

Divorce Modification Attorney in Leesburg
When a divorce has been finalized and all financial issues resolved, that does not mean the process is complete forever. Life goes on and things can change. Kids get older and might need expanded financial coverage. One parent can have a financial change such as loss of a job or loss of investment income, and the existing child support may need to be modified.

Depending on the circumstances, BCN can file a petition for Child Support and/or Alimony modification. To avoid unnecessary headaches, this process is best undertaken with an experienced Attorney who understands the court system.

When child support payments are no longer being funded or simply stop, we will petition the courts to legally enforce and backup the original order set forth in your divorce and child support agreements. Don’t let problems build up over time. It can make attempts at collections more difficult. As a Child Support Attorney in Clermont, we are ready to offer our resources to assist you.