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Family Law Attorney in Leesburg

Leesburg, Florida is a city that has grown in population every year and now boasts more than 25,000 residents. The choices and services one can utilize is vast, yet one thing that is necessary when choosing a family law attorney in Leesburg, and that is record and trust.

BCN law firm has served residents in Leesburg for many years in multiple capacities. We have satisfied clients from all over Lake County Florida and our family attorney handles multiple practice areas within that field.
Because family law can contain emotionally charged issues we strive to bring balance to the process. No one gets married and as the end game plans a divorce. This happens over time and with many circumstances that affect people and attitudes. That is why we always look and seek the most amicable root. If anything it is what is in the best interest of the children, if any are involved. At the end of the day we believe it is best for all parties involved that if a divorce is needed then it can be achieved with as little damage as possible.

To that end BCN will be as compassionate as the situation will allow yet remain committed to our clients best interests. We have a combined 120 years knowledge practicing law in Lake County, Florida. We handle all aspects of family law and always offer our clients a free consultation* to discuss their options.
Some of our practice areas include:

Child Custody– We strive to allow our client as much privilege as the law allows with regards to child custody rights. The children are foremost and we want this to be equitable for their benefit and health
Child Support– Florida has many laws regarding the support of the kids and we will fight to make sure that they get all the state allows to ensure a balanced, healthy life.
Visitation Rights– We will put a plan in place for our clients to take advantage of the maximum rights to visit their children.
Alimony– When a marriage goes under money can be such a contentious obstacle. We want to, as your attorney, fight for you to receive proper financial compensation that the law allows and is due to you.
Divorce– When you consult with our family law lawyer they will go over the steps that will be taken in a divorce proceeding. As a divorce can be costly, we try to get all parties to agree to an uncontested plan. That is not always the case so we use our skills to give our clients the best results without bankrupting their estate.
Divorce Modifications– When the original decrees are not working, either by design or will, we will attempt to get a ruling modifying the original agreements.
Here is a detailed list of our family law services we offer in Leesburg, Florida: Family Law; Divorce; Child Custody; Child Support; Adoption Law; Child Advocacy; Child Dependency; Juvenile Dependency; Step Parent Adoptions; Visitation Rights; Breach of Contract; Alimony; Equitable Distribution; Marital Agreements; Marital Property Settlements; Paternity; Post Divorce Modification; Premarital Agreements; Restraining Orders; Spousal Support

Leesburg Divorce Law Firm
Please contact us today at 855-529-2020 to schedule your free consultation*. You can also e-mail us for your confidential appointment. We look forward to serving you. Remember – “Know Your Attorney. Know Your Options.”