D.U.I. — Now What?

DUI-PicThe story goes like this. You are a casual drinker. After attending a party at the office or with family, you start to drive home. Although you had alcohol at the party you feel o.k. Before you get home blue lights are in your rearview mirror. You are pulled over and before too long could possibly be on your way to jail facing a potential life altering D.U.I. conviction. You ask the question all ask when in this position—-”Now What?” This is where BCN attorneys comes in. Our team is very qualified at advising you of your options and opportunities when facing this charge.

DUI cases are unlike the many other criminal charges. They can be unique under Florida law and the need for an experienced lawyer is paramount to defending your interests. That is why having an attorney who formally prosecuted drunk drivers for the state is so important. The state’s tactics are already understood, so mounting a vigorous D.U.I. defense is made a little easier for our attorneys. Contact us today at 855-529-2020.

The need to contact us immediately is important as we will do the following:

1. We will immediately Challenge your suspension with Florida DHSMV. We also will attempt to quickly have a temporary driving permit issued to allow you to work. (Business Purposes Only).
2. Our Central Florida DUI Attorney will start to gather all information by investigating the facts. He will ask for discovery and evidence collected in your case with the intent to try and get a supression, dismissal or exclusion during the pre-trial.



Know Your Attorney. Know Your Options.