Roof Damage Claims

In Florida, first-party property insurance roof damage claims are common due to the abundant hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, hail, and other inclement weather occurrences. Although weather is often a cause of the damage to Central Florida roofs, many claims are denied or underpaid by insurance companies, leaving homeowners struggling to repair their homes.

Report your Claim:

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged by a weather occurrence, it is important that you make a claim with your homeowners’ insurance company as soon as possible.

What Should You Do If Your Insurance Claim Is Denied?

Insurers use a variety of reasons to claim that the damage is not covered under your policy, including hiring roofers or engineers who state the problem is a manufacturing defect, installation problem, or maintenance issue, which are often not insured. Other examples range from claiming that the incident fell outside of the coverage period to claiming that the policy-holder failed to meet the conditions under which the insurance policy would be in effect.

Regardless, when a policy-holder has had their roof damage insurance claim denied, and they do not believe the denial of the claim is just, you should contact a BCN lawyer to review your case. Our attorneys can help you locate credible engineers, contractors and roofers to evaluate your roof’s damage and determine the true cause.

Contact Experienced Attorneys for Help

If your roof damage claim has been denied, trust the attorneys at The BCN Law Firm to help you. With years of experience in litigation and mediation, our lawyers have the knowledge to help you uncover the true cause of your damage and work with the first-party insurance company to get the coverage you deserve. Whether your roof claim would be best served by attorneys in our offices in Clermont, The Villages® or anywhere in Central Florida, we offer a free consultation* and case evaluation. Contact Us Online or at (855) LAW-2020.