Florida Stucco Claims Attorneys

Thousands of homeowners who bought newly constructed homes during the last building boom in Central Florida, as well as those who have purchased homes since, are facing a stucco disaster. Defective and improperly installed stucco cladding with subsequent water damage and rotting of the wood frame has become a $billion nightmare for homeowners, inspectors, and builders.

Improper Application Results in Damaged Homes

Stucco is a durable material commonly used in southern construction. But to adequately protect a home’s structural integrity, it needs to be applied correctly and given proper time to cure, which can be tricky when there’s a shortage of skilled workers and pressure to build quickly. In many homes in developments around the state, stucco is failing to a disproportionate degree.

When stucco is improperly installed on your home, interior damage such as water intrusion and mold can also occur. Water intrusion is one of the most common factors for structural damages, rotting, termites, and microbial problems that can result in “sick building syndrome.” If you notice mold or water damage throughout your home, defective stucco could be the problem.

What is Being Done

It’s unclear just how many homes are affected because this type of problem only becomes visible once the damage has substantially progressed. By then new home construction warranties may have expired, leaving homeowners on the hook for repairs.

Some construction companies have voluntarily disclosed the defects to homeowners and offered to fix the problem. Other companies, however, ignore their customers and reject the idea that they are legally responsible for repairing the stucco problems.

For homeowners in the Sunshine State, it seems it’s buyer beware. There is no Florida law requiring home builders to notify homeowners of a defect. Additionally, Florida’s statute of limitations on construction is only four years, while the statute of repose, a final chance to make a claim over defects, is ten years. As a result, it’s important you contact an attorney as soon as you notice an issue with the stucco on your home.

BCN Law Firm Can Help

With thousands of first party insurance litigation cases under our belt and more than two decades of property insurance law experience, including thousands of sinkhole and roofing claims, the BCN Law Firm is prepared to help you fight for reparations. If your home is one of the many affected by the Florida stucco crisis, the lawyers at BCN Law Firm in Clermont may be able to help. Contact us today at (855)-LAW-2020 or 352.394.2103 for a free consultation*.