Articles of Incorporation

When you start a corporation in Florida, you need to file for Articles of Incorporation (this is also known as Charter, Certificate of Incorporation or Letter Patent). We have attorneys who can assist you with any business questions you have and offer a free consultation* that will assist you in getting your business set up right. Call 855-LAW-2020 today  for your free consultation*.

Florida incorporation law requires a corporate business name to contain the word “corporation,” “company,” “incorporated,” or a proper abbreviation. A corporate designator is required by the State of Florida  to indicate the business is a corporation as opposed to another type of business entity. Additionally, the name of a Florida corporation may not contain language that attempts to link  an affiliation with a state or federal government agency, or a banking institution. A corporation established in Florida must have a name that is different from other entities that are registered with the Florida Department of State. Our  Attorneys can walk you through this process.



This is the registration of intent to do business. It contains the address of the company. How many shares of stock are issued and who the shareholders are.


The bylaws that regulate a Florida corporation act as a specific document that helps govern the company, thus setting rules and regulations for the shareholders, directors, and officers to follow. The Corporate Attorneys in Lake County Florida are experts in helping you set up your business the right way.


A Florida registered agent, according to state laws, has the responsibility of accepting the corporation’s legal documents and other business correspondence. This persons name and address must be listed in the articles of incorporation.


The Florida corporate law requires a company to list at least one person who will sit on the company’s board of directors.


Starting a business in Florida can be a challenging process if you try and do it with little to no understanding of the legal process. We have Corporate Attorneys that have years of experience in guiding companies to setting up their articles of incorporation the right way. In Orlando, our Business Attorneys are available to give you a free consultation* to start you on the right path to developing your business.  ”Know Your Attorney. Know Your Options.”