Have You Been Involved In A Car Collision Caused By A Distracted Driver?

Drivers who are totally distracted while eating, texting, or reaching in the back seat post an acute danger to themselves and everybody else who is driving on the road around them. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous- In 2021 alone, the Florida highway Safety and Motor Vehicles site counted 56,425 accidents due to distracted driving, including… View Article

Personal Injury Tips For The Summer

We’re in the thick of summer right now, and that means lots of fun activities- the kids are out of school and the adults are itching to get out of work and to the lake now that the temperature is up! From leisurely picnics with friends and family to enjoying camping and hiking with your… View Article

Boating Accidents Often Result In Serious Injuries

Boating accidents and injuries are unfortunately common in the coastal state of Florida, and here at BCN Law Firm we have successfully represented many victims of boating accidents and injuries. We have a deep understanding of the complex ins and outs of maritime law, and know how to hold manufacturers, negligent boat operators, marinas, cruise… View Article

Ensuring Justice and Accountability for Pedestrians in Florida

Strolling on the sidewalk in the South Florida sunshine is supposed to be a pleasant, safe activity to participate in. Sadly, this isn’t always the case- walking in, across, alongside, and around can be quite treacherous, and the danger has only increased in recent years. The Governors’ Highway Safety Association recently released a new report… View Article

Injured In a Florida Amusement Park Accident?

Everybody goes to the amusement park to have a fun time with family and friends. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and it can not only derail the entire experience but result in significant injuries that impact somebody’s entire life. No matter if these accidents were due to mechanical failure or operator error, it’s essential to consult… View Article

Florida Laws Affecting Senior Drivers

Florida has the second-highest percentage of senior citizens, with 21% of the population being 65 or older. The ability to drive, for many seniors, offers the necessary mobility for remaining independent and active members of society. Elderly driving rights play a crucial role for many of Florida’s residents. While some may not think seniors are… View Article

Summer Driving Tips To Help You Avoid A Car Accident

One popular summer tradition for many families are annual road trips. Many families flock south to Florida every year to enjoy our beautiful coastlines, beaches, sunshine, boating, and theme parks. Florida welcomed around 122 million out-of-state visitors last year alone. Remember, that doesn’t include the residents of our beautiful state who travel around the state… View Article

Injured in a Golf Cart in Florida?

Golf carts are popular on golf courses because they make it easier for golfers to quickly travel long stretches on the green from hole to hole. However, they’ve also become common in certain residential neighborhoods, with everyone from children as young as 8 or 9 to spritely senior citizens operating the carts. Golf carts are… View Article

Holiday Injuries to Avoid

The holiday season for many people means celebrations, fun, and spending time with the people they love. However, with all the busy activity, it’s easy to get injured, which is why it’s key to understand and mitigate the potential dangers that the holiday can bring. There are many ways to get injured during the holidays,… View Article