Steps To Finding The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Nobody wants to hire a lawyer unless they have to. However, sometimes life just happens, and you get stuck in a spot where you need a lawyer to move on as quickly and as smoothly as possible. At BCN Law Firm, we often see clients who have suffered injuries that cost them significant amounts of… View Article

What Type of Evidence is Needed in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury claims can get very complicated very fast- which is why gathering and presenting evidence is critical for recovering economic and non-economic damages. Evidence is required in a lawsuit to establish the extent of damages like injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering that came from an injury or accident. However, most laymen… View Article

Determining Liability for Car Accidents in Construction Zones

Driving carries an inherent risk, which means that any time you get behind the wheel you must assume a certain amount of risk and liability. Sometimes, other drivers may be reckless or aggressive, there may be bad weather, or the road conditions could be hazardous. All of these factors could lead to car accidents. One… View Article

Managing Stress and Anxiety Amid Bankruptcy Proceedings

Bankruptcy is more than a financial challenge- for pretty much everybody going through the prospect, it is also a considerable psychological and emotional journey as well. Financial struggles are a significant source of anxiety and stress that can feel overwhelming, and make the process even more difficult. Often a last resort, bankruptcy can escalate a… View Article

Getting Your Life Reorganized After Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Reorganization bankruptcy, also commonly referred to as Chapter 11 bankruptcy, is a type of bankruptcy specifically used by partnerships, corporations, and individuals to build their reorganization strategy while they’re going through financial struggles. The entities that file Chapter 11 bankruptcy work on restructuring their debts and reorganizing their finances. Unlike Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there isn’t… View Article

The Law Regarding Hotel Negligence in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, which means that it also has a thriving hotel industry. However, more hotels and hotel guests also mean more hotel guest injuries. Unfortunately, there’s been a steady increase over the years in out-of-state and local hotel guest injuries. If you or somebody you… View Article

Have You Been Involved In A Car Collision Caused By A Distracted Driver?

Drivers who are totally distracted while eating, texting, or reaching in the back seat post an acute danger to themselves and everybody else who is driving on the road around them. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous- In 2021 alone, the Florida highway Safety and Motor Vehicles site counted 56,425 accidents due to distracted driving, including… View Article

Personal Injury Tips For The Summer

We’re in the thick of summer right now, and that means lots of fun activities- the kids are out of school and the adults are itching to get out of work and to the lake now that the temperature is up! From leisurely picnics with friends and family to enjoying camping and hiking with your… View Article