What To Know About Florida Dog Bite Laws

While dogs can be the most loyal companions, trusted friends, and lovable pets, there are times where they can cause accidents that have severe consequences. If an unexpected injury occurs, it is essential for potential plaintiffs to have a full understanding of their rights under Florida law. In this article, we will discuss liability for… View Article

Tips For Driving During Heavy Rains

Rainy season in Central Florida means a lot of heavy precipitation. Similar to how navigating other types of weather like snow and ice is an essential skill for drivers who live in colder climates, driving carefully in severe thunderstorms is a skill that is absolutely critical for Floridian motorists. As a Florida car accident law… View Article

Process Of Bankruptcy

If you’ve evaluated all the pros and cons of bankruptcy and decided to move forwards, you are headed towards a long and complex process. While Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy processes are different, below we discuss some general steps to give you an idea of the basic process.  General Bankruptcy Steps Here are some… View Article

Needing Personal Injury Protection (PIP) In Florida

Florida is what’s known as a “no-fault” state, which means that all drivers are required to have “Personal Injury Protection,” or PIP insurance. PIP is a kind of no-fault auto insurance that ensures injured drivers a certain amount of medical coverage. Accident victims in a no-fault state don’t have to establish fault for immediate compensation… View Article

Having To Co-Parent While Still Living Together

Divorce is complicated, and in some instances you may have to live in the same house while going through the divorce process. This can be especially tricky if you have children still living with you or younger children you need to parent. Read on to learn more about some tips on co-parenting while living together… View Article

Safety Tips If You Encounter A Wrong-Way Driver In Orlando

Any motorist cruising down the highway will probably feel extremely anxious and panicked if they spot two headlights zooming toward you in the same lane of traffic. Although this is luckily a rare situation to be in, AAA still reports some unfortunate trends on car accidents involving wrong-way driving. The number of fatal wrong-way auto… View Article

Avoiding Common Holiday Injuries

Holiday activities and festivities can increase the likelihood of injury. Call BCN Law Firm for an experienced personal injury attorney today at (352)-394-2103

Know The Cost of Filing For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is filed by people who are unable to pay off their debts. Unfortunately, even for those in such a difficult financial situation, it is not free to file. Read on to learn more about expenses associated with filing for bankruptcy, such as court fees, filing fees, attorney fees, and credit counseling fees. Even though… View Article

When To Contact An Attorney For A Sinkhole

Our experienced sinkhole claim attorneys at BCN Law Firm understand how to protect our clients’ rights when filing or appealing a sinkhole claim. We have dealt with numerous situations where our clients are forced to find “band-aid fixes” for damaged areas because insurance companies fail to provide a reasonable amount of money for these claims…. View Article