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Determining Liability for Car Accidents in Construction Zones

Driving carries an inherent risk, which means that any time you get behind the wheel you must assume a certain amount of risk and liability. Sometimes, other drivers may be reckless or aggressive, there may be bad weather, or the road conditions could be hazardous. All of these factors could lead to car accidents. One area where liability is a bit more gray is when accidents occur in construction zones.

Florida is a construction hotspot, with thousands of new jobs popping up every month. Construction zones are often rife with hazards and can be difficult to navigate even for a careful driver. When an accident happens in a construction zone, it is often difficult to figure out who or what is at fault.

Determining Liability For The Motorist

Construction companies typically have signs posted warning drivers and passersby of what they should be careful about while traversing the construction zone, such as low power lines, fewer or narrower lanes, or changing speed limits. If there are warnings posted, then the motorist is responsible for being aware of the forewarned hazards and to proceed with caution when driving. By failing to drive with the appropriate awareness, the motorist is at risk of getting into sideswipes, rear-end collisions, or accidents that involve work vehicles on the construction site. If the individual motorist is determined to have neglected their duty of care and was deemed to be driving in an unsafe manner or ignoring the posted signs, they will probably be held liable for any traffic accidents in these areas.

Determining Liability For The Construction Company

In certain situations, the construction company may be held liable for any accidents that happen within the construction zone they are responsible for. Oftentimes this comes down to proving negligence on the part of the workers or the company. Some examples of actions that constitute negligence are listed below:

  • Having equipment or signs that are too close to the moving lanes
  • Not alerting motorists properly of hazards such as workers present or lane changes
  • Not having any detours when there is an operation that may inhibit moving vehicles
  • Improperly using equipment in a manner that may pose a danger to motorists, such as when using machinery or bright lights

Although accidents may happen regardless of how careful construction companies or motorists are, and not every accident is necessarily preventable, it’s important for both construction companies and motorists to do everything within their power to stay safe.

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Proving liability in a construction zone car accident often involves a multitude of factors and can become very complex quite quickly. When construction companies and their insurers are involved, you’ll need a car accident attorney on your side who has experience dealing with construction zone car accidents to help you navigate the case and get the optimal outcome while you rest and recuperate with your family. If you were involved in a car accident while driving in a construction zone, call BCN Law Firm to consult with a top Florida car accident attorney today.