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It is normal to feel upset by the possibility of a divorce. A Florida Divorce is basically attained by only asking, (i.e. the burden of proof is limited in scale). You do have to show that one of the parties has lived in Florida for at least the six month period preceding the filing of papers. Also, the marriage must be qualified as irretrievably broken. (a Judge can order counseling before granting the dissolution of marriage but that is pretty rare). It saves the parties a lot of time and money and emotional upheaval if they can sit down with each other during the course of the meetings and work out their differences. If they are successful they can then present the agreement to the attorneys and bring closure to the case. Many times our Divorce Attorneys in Central Florida have used this successfully.

Divorce is more than a legal problem, it is also a lifestyle change. A divorce affects every aspect of your life. You are single rather than married. Your financial status changes; your relationships with friends, parents in-law and even your own children change. Your residence may change, you own less property, less furniture and you have less money and income. Your credit may be harmed. Trusting in the experience and knowledge of a Divorce Attorney can ultimately make the difference in the overall difficulty of your proceedings and living status.

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If you are considering a divorce, please contact us at 855-LAW-2020 about your legal rights and the steps you need to take to prepare for your case. A divorce can be more complicated than most people believe. The Family Law Attorneys at Boyette, Cummins, and Nailos, PLLC, will help you understand the issues of your particular situation and we can help you develop a plan for preparing for and surviving your divorce financially. Our law office handles cases in many areas like Clermont, Leesburg, Winter Garden, Orlando and all of Central Florida.

At BCN we know that you are facing the reorganization of your family and your life. It is our goal to get you to the other side of this crisis with the minimal amount of financial and emotional harm. Our objective is to make sure that throughout your entire case you know all of your options. Contact our Divorce Attorneys in Central Florida today for a free consultation* at 855-LAW-2020 or fill out the free case evaluation form.

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