Florida Land Use Attorney

Florida Land Use Attorney Wade Boyette has extensive knowledge of land use and zoning law. Even though he is diversified into bankruptcy and sinkhole law his primary passion is in Land Use. He has developed an intimate knowledge of government regulations as well as the intricate procedures. He has established relationships with civil and government entities and because of this he is enabled to better guide his clients through the approval and permitting processes that can quite difficult without good counsel.

Attorney Boyette has helped clients benefit from the use of their property by using local and state governmental processes like rezoning, amendments, variances, special uses or exceptions, impact fee issues and historic preservation approvals. He regularly represents our clients at public hearings and chamber events, speaking before government boards and commissions groups.

Zoning is a system the public regulation of the use of land. State legislatures hold the power to authorize zoning, within which the separate cities enact their own zoning ordinance and it is usually closely integrated with a city planning program. Various geographic areas (zones) are restricted to certain uses and development, such as industrial, light industrial, commercial, light-commercial, agricultural, single-family residential, multi-unit residential, parks, schools and other purposes. Zoning is the main planning tool of local government to manage the future development of a community, protect neighborhoods, concentrate retail business and industry, channel traffic. It is also a method of controlling urban and suburban construction and removing congestion and other defects of existing plans. Typical zoning regulations address building height, bulk, lot area, setbacks, parking, signage, and density.

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