Clermont Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Drug charge convictions of even minor charges can carry severe penalties in Florida. Like a DUI, a conviction for possession of a small amount of illegal drugs can result in a suspended driver’s license. While that may seem like a significant penalty, it is actually minor when compared to more serious drug convictions like drug trafficking that carries a mandatory prison sentence.

If you’ve been arrested for a drug crime, the BCN Law Firm will bring a wealth of experience defending clients accused of drug crimes in Central Florida. In many cases, we are successful in helping his clients to reduced charges or dismissal of charges altogether. Please contact our firm immediately if you need assistance with your Clermont drug crime case.

These are the types of drug-related cases the BCN Law Firm handles:

  • Drug Possession – Drug possession includes possession of narcotics such as cocaine, possession of stimulants like marijuana or possession of prescription drugs used or obtained illegally.
  • Drug Sales & Distribution – Selling illegal drugs or illegally obtained drugs for money. This charge can include selling marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and crystal meth or prescription drugs.
  • Drug Trafficking – Carrying illegal drugs from one place to another.
  • Drug Prescription Fraud – Obtaining a false prescription drug to use or to sell to another; coercing another to obtain prescription drugs on your behalf.
  • Drug Prescription Forgery – Medical professionals, who write prescriptions for use by someone who intends to use them illegally or who intends to traffic, sell or transport illegally.

If you, a family member or a friend have been charged with a drug crime, contact Boyette, Cummins and Nailos to discuss your options.