Frequently Asked Questions

*Why do I need a consultation?

Answer: If you or your business have concerns or questions about a legal problem, pending lawsuit, or appeal– or have concerns or doubts about your present or prior lawyer’s handling of your matter, call BCN. We will set up a free consultation* to review your case and make recommendations for your future course of action.

*How is BCN different from other firms?

Answer: BCN’s goal is to make the law accessible and understandable to their clients. We understand that legal matters, lawsuits, and appeals can be bewildering. Unlike most firms, we want you to understand the legal issues and process. We want you to be fully informed and directly involved in the decision-making and handling of your case.

*How can a consultation help me?

Answer: In some situations it is not unusual for clients to be frustrated with the handling of their cases. They may be confused about why it is taking so long or not progressing well. Unfortunately, at other times they may be suspicious of what their lawyers are doing. At BCN, we seek to replace confusion and suspicion with clarity and trust. BCN wants to help you understand your case, get to the bottom of the legal issues and  find the best resolution to your case.

*How does BCN handle consultations?

Answer: The typical consultation with BCN takes up to one hour. We want to understand your case, concerns, and goals. We will zero in on existing or potential problems, give wise counsel, and make strategic suggestions. Where appropriate, BCN may suggest several alternatives and explain the pros and cons of each. Every consultation begins with accurately assessing your needs. Then each meeting ends with personalized recommendations that will inform a strategic action plan as appropriate and needed.

*What should I ask BCN’s team?

Answer: Ideally, you should use the consultation to explain your factual and legal situation. You will want to include what you know about the status of your matter and any known deadlines and problems. This meeting is an opportunity to tell BCN what your concerns and goals are.

*What should I bring to the consultation?

Answer: Most legal matters involve paperwork of some kind. Whether it is a lawsuit, contract, lease, will, or other significant documents, you will have paperwork to bring with you or to be prepared to fill out paperwork. Therefore, it is a good idea to bring relevant documents for your case so that BCN can review and comment on them. If you can’t obtain them, it is still a good idea to proceed with the consultation because delay may cause further problems. Where appropriate, BCN attorneys will frequently make suggestions that include how to obtain needed documents.

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Florida Attorney General F.A.Q.