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Changes to Florida’s Designation of Health Care Surrogate Form

Florida’s Designation of Health Care Surrogate form has now been changed to provide more flexibility for family members to gain access to medical information to help their disabled or aging loved ones make important medical decisions without the requirement of incapacity. Designating a Health Care Surrogate is an important part of estate planning for people… View Article

Invokana Lawsuit

Invokana ®, the first in a new class of frontline treatments for type 2 diabetes, was approved in 2013 and quickly reached blockbuster status. Other drugs in the class include Invokamet ®, Jardiance ®, Xigduo XR ®, Farxiga ®, and Glyxambi ®. These drugs, known as SGLT2 inhibitors, are intended to improve glycemic control in… View Article

Takata Airbag Recall Especially Important For Central Florida Drivers

Recently, Central Florida NPR station 90.7 reported: Central Florida drivers with Takata air-bag inflators are still at risk on the roads according to the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency urges drivers to check their cars after eight Takata air-bag related deaths, including one in Orlando last year. The Japanese company… View Article

Clermont Foreclosure Attorney

Homeowners threatened with losing their home through a bank foreclosure may benefit from the services of a foreclosure attorney. When you buy a home, you agree to repay it with monthly payments. The problem arises when the payments fail to continue. When this happens the bank may start foreclosure actions, thus giving them the right… View Article

Apopka Social Security Attorney

When your family is dependent upon government benefits like social security, getting them denied can limit your lifestyle and impact you negatively. At BCN our Apopka Social Security Attorney have numerous years experiance in working with social security disability and may assist you. As many applications are denied the first time tried, many give up… View Article

Clermont Real Estate Attorney

It is very important when you are entering a real estate contract that you are not misrepresented as that can be extremely costly and damage your long term estate plans. The delays you may have to correct can be expensive and too time consuming, which will delay your ability to close the deal, thus putting… View Article

Lake County Florida Family Law Attorney

In Lake County Florida family problems rear up on a daily basis, even in the happiest of families. Our Lake County Florida Family Law Attorney generally handles all the legal matters that come up in the typical family. They will represent husbands, wives, children, grandparents, guardians and domestic partners in the venue of lake county… View Article

Central Florida Foreclosure Attorney

When you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit, you have only 20 days to respond. If you have recently been served with a foreclosure lawsuit, please contact the Central Florida Foreclosure Attorney at BCN Law Firm today. We will discuss your options with you and figure out what actions need to be taken immediately. Equipping… View Article

Divorce and Bankruptcy In Lake County

According to the State of Florida: A divorce will not be granted by the state unless one of the following conditions is met: The marriage is irretrievably broken One of the parties is mentally incapacitated. Certain requirements for this condition are listed here under (1) b Based on this evidence presented at a hearing, the… View Article

Florida Workers Compensation

By law most Florida employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance. Any Florida employee injured on the job is required by law to receive benefits to cover any lost salary or expenses related to the accident. Florida workers compensation laws mandate that an employer must maintain a safe work environment for all employees. Common… View Article