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Villages Sinkhole: Legal Settlements

Recent Sinkhole In The Villages: The Need For An Attorney

Florida is well known for the many sinkholes that occur, and the last 24 months saw an increase in activity. One in Tampa even resulted in the death of a man. As the recent sinkhole that opened in the Villages show, they are unpredictable.

When this type of situation occurs, one does not always think of contacting a sinkhole attorney. The problem that seems to happen in a lot of cases is the insurance companies drag the process on or attempt to go for a lessor type of repair. We always preach to clients that they should never settle, especially if they are uncomfortable with the remediation offered. This hole opened up after they rushed large amounts of concrete to fill the void. The problem reappeared and now the damage seems to be catastrophic.

As a sinkhole lawyer in Central Florida Heath Nailos has represented thousands in their quest to repair their homes and get their lives back to normality. Please contact him today at 855-LAW-2020 for a free consult to go over your rights.