In the State of Florida, a last will and testament can be as general or detailed as you wish. They do not need notarization, and only require a witness. Also referred to as a testamentary will, a last will and testament allows you to decide what happens to your estate once you pass. By preparing a plan for your estate through a legally established testamentary will, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Secure the financial future of your loved ones
  • Clearly state your intentions for your estate
  • Leave explicit instructions for the distribution of your assets
  • Designate an executor of your estate
  • Name the beneficiaries of your estate
  • Name the preferred guardian for your child
  • Appoint managers for your real estate properties
  • Provide instructions for the handling of outstanding debts and taxes

However, if you should pass without an established will, your estate will go to probate court at which point a court-appointed guardian could be granted custody of any children, and the court would determine how and to whom your property and assets will be distributed.

Don’t let the courts decide what happens to your children, property, assets, and hard-earned wealth. Take matters in your own hands while you still can.

To prevent your assets from going to someone you don’t want, it is important to draft a last will and testament with an experienced law firm that has been in the business of living and traditional will construction and execution for many years.

If you wish to leave your estate to your loved ones, the attorneys at BCN Law Firm can help you navigate the often-complicated process of drafting a living will and testament. Not only can we offer expert legal advice, but we can also help get your documents in order and serve as the executor or personal representative of your will in a private, professional, and efficient manner.

With our office in The Villages, attorneys Wade Boyette and Heath Nailos are able to better serve the surrounding Lake, Sumter, and South Marion communities. Let us provide you with the peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out after you’re gone.

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