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Central Florida Foreclosure Attorneys
In Lake County Florida as well as Central Florida the foreclosure rates have skyrocketed over the last several years. At BCN Law firm we have dedicated Lake County Florida Foreclosure Attorneys who have a successful track record in defending our clients properties. If you are not informed of the options you have then you are at a severe disadvantage. Stop foreclosure proceedings and the harassing letters and allow us to fight for your rights. Call and retain a great Foreclosure Lawyer at BCN Law firm at 855-LAW-2020.

It is apparent that we live in a depressed real estate economy, especially in Lake County Florida. Our Clermont Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorneys are seeing more clients than ever before. Through no fault of your own, you could lose the one thing you’ve worked so hard for – your home. Job loss, an unexpected major illness, or not creating enough income to make your mortgage payment each month can hit you hard. A sense of hopelessness is descending on your heart and mind. The thought of being put out of your home or living in sub par housing because it’s all you can afford is stressful to say the least. But is losing your home to foreclosure inevitable? No! It doesn’t need to be. You have options. What you need is a good Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Lake County Florida.


You have several options with regard to a bankruptcy or foreclosure defense in Lake, Sumter and Orange County:

Loan Modification
Lower your payments while keeping your house.
Stipulated Foreclosure with no deficiency
Short Sale
Stopping a foreclosure while convincing the bank to forgive your debt
Deed in lieu of Foreclosure
Filing Bankruptcy


When you file for bankruptcy, any foreclosure action will cease immediately due to the automatic stay. Our Clermont Foreclosure Attorneys will help you with the understanding of foreclosure law and what is right for you. Some of the choices you have are:

  • A Chapter 7. With this your credit card debt, medical debt and other unsecured debt will likely be discharged. Often, this can will free up finances to help you focus on your past-due mortgage.
  • If you are too far behind on the house payments, a Chapter 13 might be a better option. You will reorganize your debt and have three to five years to become current on the mortgage. This gives you options.
  • Mortgage modification is another option.Many creditors are required to mediate with you and participate in the mortgage modification process. If need be we will pursue aggressive litigation to force them to comply. We are ready to litigate your interests if that is the option that nets you the best results.

Call us at 855-LAW-2020 and put us to work defending your interests. It’s not too late, and by contacting us for a free evaluation we can put your mind at ease. A BCN Foreclosure Attorney in Lake County will give you options!

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