Workers Compensation

Workplace Injuries & Compensation Claims

Workers’ Compensation was unveiled in the United States during the Industrial Revolution in response to a rising number of injuries on the job. It serves as a means for employees to remain economically stable while compensating them for lost wages and medical costs. It also encourages employers to establish safe work environments because the potential amount of money that could be lost in injured workers’ wages and medical bills far outweighs what they will pay out if workers can avoid hazardous work conditions and stay healthy.

With only a few exceptions, it is mandatory in Lake, Orange and Sumter Counties for all employers with four or more employees, excluding construction companies, to provide workers’ compensation insurance for all workers. Employers in the construction field with at least one employee must carry workers’ compensation. The majority of inadvertent injuries, diseases or illnesses contracted, accidents, and deaths occurring in the workplace are covered by Florida laws. Our Attorneys have helped people recover their lost wages and jobs, even when they thought nothing could be done. Contact our Central Florida Worker Compensation Attorneys and get them on your case now! Allow us to help you.

Florida Labor Laws give you the ability to protect your rights and receive compensation if you have been hurt. One of the reasons that it is important to contact our lawyer’s is that workers’ compensation insurance companies have very little incentive to act in the employee’s favor; when an injury is proven to have taken place, the insurance provider stands to lose money. The way they inferred workers compensation laws can be the difference between a denied claim and an injured employee being granted what they deserve, unless you call a BCN attorney immediately. This means that you may not receive all the money that you legally deserve until you make that call.

On the Job Accidents & Workplace Related Injuries

Work and consumer related injuries happen everyday. The treatment can take many months and in some cases years to treat. Here is a list of some types of injuries:

*Head Injury *Hearing loss *Dismemberment *Back trauma *Spine injuries *Dislocations *Burns *Chemical injuries *Nerve damage *Broken or severed bones *Cuts and severe bruising

Worker Compensation law has changed dramatically in Florida and the nation so you need to consult with your attorney to get the most up to date information available. For this reason, if you have a serious injury at work that will likely result in a permanent and lasting change in your ability to perform your current job or activities of daily living, call the law office of Boyette, Cummins & Nailos, PLLC, today for your free consultation*. “Know Your Options, Know Your Attorney.”  855-LAW-2020

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