Cast Iron Piping Lawsuit

Routine repairs and maintenance are just part of the responsibilities of home ownership. But what if the house you’ve worked so hard to turn into your family’s home becomes severely damaged because of an issue you can’t control and may know nothing about?

For Florida residents living in homes built before 1975, this situation is all-too common. Cast iron plumbing and pipes are failing due to premature corrosion and the damage and repairs can be very costly.

What’s worse is that many insurance companies have made it difficult for homeowners to get the compensation they deserve when their cast iron pipes go bad. Some companies are trying to blame the damage on “wear and tear” when improper installation or material failure is the true issue.

The Problem with Cast Iron

While newer homes are equipped with PVC piping, cast iron was the material of choice prior to 1975 for most Florida homes. Cast iron pipes are supposed to have lifespans of 50-75 years, but due to the intense humidity and high levels of acidity in the soil in Florida, these pipes have begun to fail prematurely. It is estimated that more than 2 million Florida homes are equipped with pipes that require replacement.

Are Your Pipes Failing?

Some signs of failing cast iron pipes include:

  • Slow or unreliable drainage
  • Water marks on drywall, carpets, flooring, or ceilings
  • Warped wood flooring or lifting tiles
  • Pest infestation
  • Obvious, dripping leaks

These are just some of the possible symptoms of failing cast iron pipes. If you’ve been experiencing leaks or other plumbing-related problems, we urge you to contact the attorneys at the BCN Law Firm. We will meet with you for a free case evaluation to discuss your options. Call us today at (855) LAW-2020 for more information on pipe corrosion and compensation recovery.