Disability Attorney: Your Rights Defended

The Federal government has enacted administrative laws that will allow social security benefits paid to you if you have become unable to work and become disabled. If you are in need of assistance to make up for the inability to make a decent monthly income to support your needs than SSDI is set up to support you. Unfortunately the number of applications is at an all time high and the competition for the limited resources is tough. Because of the excessive volume of applicants, the funds are limited and the turn down rate is 80% of all initial applications. When you add the second attempt the number jumps to a staggering 90%. Because of this it is imperative that you hire a good Disability Attorney who will help you file the correct paperwork and guide from making critical errors.

Boyette, Cummins and Nailos has a dedicated disability attorney and support staff with years of experience in handling social security disability claims. When you come in for your free consultation* we will go over the process in filing your claim. We will try to give any doctors involved the proper forms and applicable paperwork so they can record the data that will allow us a favorable decision by the judge. Our goal is to help you maximize your claim in its presentation to the social security administration. We research and find any information that will help us attempt to win your case.

Disability Attorney Who Gets Results

The economic times are difficult and we know that you are in a very uncomfortable position. In no way do we believe that you choose to be in this position and because of that we will help you fight not only for your money, but your dignity. At the end of the day the benefits you already paid for are yours and it is our privilege to help you get them. You Deserve Your Benefits!! Contact the BCN Disability Attorney today.

Now as you read this if you have already been denied you must hire an Attorney today. Many of you cannot survive these times without income and as disability lawyers we will make sure you get what is rightfully yours under the law! A denied SSI or SSD claim is not the end of the story. We need to see your case today and get the ship turned around. Call 855-LAW-2020 for your free consultation* as we have Disability Attorneys in Clermont, Leesburg, Winter Garden, Apopka, Orlando and all of Central Florida.