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Florida Workers Compensation

By law most Florida employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance. Any Florida employee injured on the job is required by law to receive benefits to cover any lost salary or expenses related to the accident. Florida workers compensation laws mandate that an employer must maintain a safe work environment for all employees. Common Florida workers comp claims have been caused by slips and falls, improper equipment like ladders, electrical burns, other employees and improper use of chemicals. The State of Florida has laws that protect you from such accidents and injuries.

Once an injury happens at your place of employment you should contact a competent Florida workers compensation attorney. The insurance companies will want to settle with you and usually the terms are not favorable to you. You see, they lack proper motivation to give you full compensation. A BCN Law firm injury attorney knows the law and will hold the insurance companies liable to the full extent of what you are entitled to receive.


Boyette, Cummins and Nailos was created to educate our clients on the full weight of their rights under Florida Law. We bring a high amount of litigation experience to the table, and our Florida workers’ compensation attorneys have defended employees and their rights. Our Lake County Florida Workers Compensation Lawyers have helped multiple employees secure their financial future despite their injuries. These injuries included heart attacks, death claims, orthopedic injuries, and construction site accidents. If you work for a company in Lake, Sumter and County and have been injured, then allow our Florida workers compensation attorneys to consult with you. The initial consultation is free. Call 855-LAW-2020 to schedule it.


The following are a few of the types of injuries you can experience while working in Florida.

Hearing Loss Back Injury
Head injury
Broken bones
Cuts and lacerations
Broken bones
Severed Nerve
Spinal Cord Injury
Burn Injuries
Back Injury

All of our qualified Florida workers compensation attorneys can help you through the difficult maze of state regulations. They will dedicate putting injured employees in a position to receive the highest mandated benefits allowable by Florida law. Call a BCN attorney today to get you on the way to recovery.

F.A.Q. On Florida worker compensation Laws
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Workers’ Compensation was created in the United States during the Industrial Revolution in response to a rising number of injuries on the job. It was a means for employees to remain economically solvent, and at the same time compensating them for lost wages and medical costs. Workers’ compensation rules and regulations can be very confusing, especially during a time of high anxiety after an accident. The natural inclination is to listen to the first few voices. A good Florida workers compensation lawyer will diffuse the situation and start to give relevant council pertaining to the problem. Call 855-LAW-2020 for your free consultation*.