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Personal Injury Tips For The Summer

We’re in the thick of summer right now, and that means lots of fun activities- the kids are out of school and the adults are itching to get out of work and to the lake now that the temperature is up! From leisurely picnics with friends and family to enjoying camping and hiking with your children, there are so many things to do. As always, whether you’re watching fireworks on the lake or boating with your friends, it’s important to put safety first. Warm weather is great to enjoy, but unfortunately also brings with it a host of potential injuries every year. As fun as summer is, it can quickly devolve into a nasty time when somebody gets hurt- or worse. That’s why it’s critical to be cognizant of your health, surroundings, and other components that impact safety in the summertime, as many different factors that only come up during the summertime may compound the seriousness of existing risks or bring new ones. If you’re planning on having a fun time this summer, here are some of our top summertime safety tips to stay safe and healthy this summer.

Staying Safe While Splashing On The Water

One of the biggest topics that come up in the summer is water-related safety. Florida is rife with potential water-related injuries since it’s a coastal state where boating and watersports is a huge activity, but things get exponentially more complicated when hoards of tourists on summer vacation (and their children) storm the shores. Whether you’re looking to jet ski with friends, throw a yacht party, go parasailing, or just have an adventure on the gorgeous beach, there are several significant safety concerns you need to keep in mind. It’s no joke- the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) deems accidental drowning the fifth leading cause of injury-related death in the country. Fatality statistics aside, there are so many water-related injuries such as non-fatal drownings that can result in brain damage, trauma, and so many other severe conditions that everybody would like to avoid. Some tips for you to keep in mind when staying safe on the water:

  • Wear an approved life jacket for jet skiing, boating, and other water related activities
  • Never go in the water without a buddy present
  • Learn how to swim
  • Don’t try and rely on inflatables in the ocean
  • Don’t leave children unattended, especially when there isn’t an active lifeguard present
  • Don’t drink and swim, and be careful about participating in water activities hen on medications that could impair your judgment

Staying Safe On Land

Camping, hiking, and state fairs are a great way to spend a weekend (or however long!) in nature. As fun as fairs and other outdoor activities are, they also increase the likelihood of you or your loved ones getting into an accident and risking an injury. Some tips for staying safe while participating in outdoor summer activities include:

  • Being careful while driving through crowds
  • Use extra caution when navigating fairs and festivals, especially when there are fireworks
  • Keep an eye on your kid at all times

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