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Clermont Divorce Modifications

Some are under the notion that a divorce decree is subject to individual interpretation or suggestion. This is far from the reality of the truth. The court mandates orders that are specific and must be adhered to in the intent they were written. Parents can only deviate from its decisions under specific provisions, which in essence have become a modified divorce decree. This is done by filing with the courts and receiving it’s permission.
Modifications in an original divorce case are usually found in these areas:

  • Child Custody arrangements
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Settlement agreements
  • Relocation or petitions to move
  • Child Support

How an Attorney in Clermont Handles Modifications

All of the above mentioned areas have complex issues as relating to the law and differ as to how they are individually treated. Both Mom and Dad agree that something needs modifying. The problem arises when they disagree as to the actual divorce modification. This is where it can get testy. At this juncture the process will probably go to litigation. One of the reasons we see as to a party wanting to modify an original agreement is that possible fraud was not disclosed and now it has come to light. Other reasons can be a change in job status, one of the spouses exhibits some emotional mental health issues or addictions are discovered. Whatever the reason you should call us at 855-529-2020 today if you feel a modification is in your best interest.

Clermont Divorce Modifications Law Firm
When one of the former spouses is not honoring an original decree than it is time to hire a Clermont Divorce Modifications Law firm. Allow BCN, the largest firm in our city, to represent you with all the resources and staff we have. While we try to stay a prolonged and potentially ugly fight we do have the resources to help you. Contact us today and know your options! 352-394-2103