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Asset and Debt Division

Outside of Child Custody issues, the division of assets and debts can be one of the most contested and hottest areas to discuss with spouses attempting to get a divorce. This stems from the fact that when it comes to dividing assets it usually involves more than one issue alone. Multiple factors are wrapped within the marital asset division phase. This is one of those areas that benefits from securing a great Family Law Attorney who has a track record in this arena.  BCN Family Law Attorneys have dealt with asset and debt distribution and know how to handle this area. We can help you through the tough topics of money and equitable distribution of assets without fanning emotions to make sense of it all.

BCN Attorneys have handled marital asset division and debt issues such as:

  • the division of real estate and properties including those attached to negative assets as well as multiple listings
  • division of retirement and investment accounts
  • any division of family business and interests
  • division of debts including credit card debts

Estimation and Evaluation of Property
Divorce and discussions on the division of assets have all the elements in place for contentious arguments. When multiple properties and assets are involved, these can be a source of great pain for all the parties involved. It is at this stage that a seasoned Attorney can bring balance to an already difficult situation. It is important to get a consistent and fair evaluation of property so that an equitable agreement is reached between parties.
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