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Clermont Child Custody Attorney

Not long ago in the State of Florida it was common for the mom to retain custody of the children in the event of a divorce. The dad was awarded visitation rights and that is how the law granted the child custody rights.

Well, that has changed dramatically in the last couple of years as the law has gained a fresh, more balanced approach to custody rights. It has morphed into what the experts have called “shared responsibility. It is an approach that seeks to divide the responsibility of child rearing equitably, and splits the housing arrangements more responsibly. As of the year 2008 the Lake County Courts have not allowed a recognition of primary or secondary custodial right. In effect, it opts for a more balanced approach, as it recognizes the duties to be split and shared with regard to all responsibilities pertaining to the children. By contacting our Clermont Child Custody Attorney we can help clarify the court’s position for you.

According to this plan all of the “shared parental responsibilities” are in place to help choose schools, doctors, dentists, what church to attend and any legal decisions to be made. It spreads the tasks so the burden does not fall on one individual alone.

Child Custody Attorney in Leesburg
Once the mom and dad agree to a child custody sharing agreement then a plan can be developed and implemented. The courts will take the plan under scrutiny and if there are no red flags, it will issue a statement, in effect, granting the plan. The reason for this plan is to allow both parents a place in the child’s life and to potentially bring balance to their lives. Because the agreement specifies what days the child spends with each parent, it should remove posturing and fighting as boundaries are in place and approved. This is the best-case scenario to achieve in any divorce and ensuing child custody case. Our Clermont Child Custody Attorney is ready to offer you a free consultation*.

If you or a loved one needs help in a divorce, custody modification or Clermont Child Custody case then call our attorney at 855-LAW-2020 today.

Clermont Parenting Plan Attorney Specializing in Visitation and Child Custody
As said earlier, it is of high importance to have a custody plan in place so that the chance of arguments or disputes is almost zero. This arrangement can help children’s lives start to normalize. The idea of having a Lawyer on your side to help set the plan and its nuances in place is important as it acts as a map charting the way to a healthier life for the kids. The responsibilities would have been agreed to and things like who drives who where, which spouse is better at which school subjects, and conflict resolution are already planned for. In the tragic event of a divorce, this is the best scenario for the family moving forward.

At BCN Law Firm we are faced with these difficulties every day and know how to mediate them. Please contact us for your free evaluation and start to get a sense of normality back into your life and the lives of your children following divorce.