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Divorce Mediation Attorney in Clermont

You have several possibilities with a divorce mediation

  • Fight it in the courts or Litigate: This is the worst possible of the solutions as it can be drawn out, very expensive and ultimately damaging to any children. The final outcome is placed in the Judge’s hand and not yours.
  • Try for a Settlement or Negotiate an amicable outcome: Slightly less expensive than option one but still can be emotionally contentious. The outcome, however, is in part in the spouse’s hand.
  • Mediation between Attorneys and Spouses: This is historically the least expensive  way to handle a divorce in Clermont. In Florida the courts will mandate this attempt prior to trial.

At BCN Law Firm, we place a great deal of emphasis on getting both parties to mediation and resolution for the most equitable solution for all. It requires all to be forthright and honest. If one party fails to disclose a correct financial portfolio than it makes it difficult to proceed. That is why you need an experienced Divorce Mediation Attorney in Clermont.

Mediation is by all rights the best alternative for moving forward. With a proper mediation platform, where parties are communicating, the basic agreements are easier to start taking shape. Both spouses’ positions are recognized and in the end the solution becomes more equitable.

Clermont Family Law Mediation Attorney
Many of the points we will cover when you come to mediation in our Clermont Law Firm are:

  • Child Support–We will make the protection of any child spousal support a priority, and make sure both parties recognize the need to value this highly.
  • Division of Assets and Property–We will actively pursue for both spouses an equitable and fair distribution of all marital property and assets.
  • Parental Visitation Rights– Since children are the most valuable assets in a marriage our Family Law Mediation Attorney will seek to find solutions for parental visitation which is equitable for all and looks at the best interest of the children.
  • Alimony–We strive to make sure you receive all the benefits including Alimony the law requires. Contact us to understand the spousal support phase of mediation.

At BCN we understand the financial and emotional issues a divorce brings. To make the process go as smoothly as possible we strive to have a meaningful Divorce Mediation. We know you are under a lot of stress and their is the potential for emotions to run high. We can help to calm the waters. We have helped others and know what is involved. Contact us with any questions you have for our Divorce Mediation Attorney in Clermont today. 855-529-2020.