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Slip and Fall Attorney in Clermont

Every year we see multitudes of people injured because of someone else’s negligence. People simply fail to maintain their property and allow it to become unsafe and fail to notify the public about potential dangers.

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Property owners must legally provide safe premises when people are there for any reason. When a person has a slip, fall or trip injury, it is called a premise liability claim. A property owner who neglects safety issues, and by default allows someone to be injured, is liable for claims and damages. This can cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, disability, lost wages and disfigurement.

Attorney Heath Nailos, BCN Law Firm, is a Slip and Fall Attorney in Clermont who has helped hundreds in the quest for fair compensation in the advent of another’s negligence. He is known as a tough negotiator when dealing with insurance companies. You need someone who not only knows the law but will stand against companies who have a vested interest in keeping compensation as low as possible. Attorney Nailos will not rest until you get all that the law requires as fair compensation.

A vast majority of people have had a friend or relative who has fallen, or you’ve potentially fallen yourself. Slip and fall injuries are the 2nd leading cause of unintentional deaths to than 25,000 people per year. The risk of falling is much greater within the older age group and is one of the biggest cause for ambulance calls in retirement communities. Please use our contact form to get a free consultation* today. Or call us at 855-LAW-2020

Finding out who is responsible in a Slip and Fall

Our Clermont Slip and Fall lawyer will ascertain the responsible party at fault in your accident. The parties responsible can be the property owner, and others who may have also created the problem. You need to be able to dig deep and research the situation to get the whole perspective. At BCN we have a team devoted to finding all this information out so that as a suffering individual you will be properly compensated. The information needed can be, by necessity, detailed. We will find out for example: If the accident happened because a floor was wet. Were any signs or warning tape posted? Was lighting adequate and the area devoid of debris? These are necessary questions, and at BCN Law Firm we will get the facts and truth out so that you will not be hindered in the pursuit of fair compensation.

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