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The Dangers of Distracted Truck Driving

Driving an eighteen-wheeler or other large commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is no easy feat and requires attention to detail and extensive training in order to be done safely. It comes as no surprise that these drivers are required to maintain a commercial driver’s license when you take into consideration the size and weight of these vehicles they pilot. Even with the proper certifications and training though, the road is not 100% safe. A commercial truck driver who is distracted puts everybody around them at risk, including you.

The Different Types of Distractions

When considering the dangers of distracted driving, it is important to realize that there are different types of distractions that can all have a serious effect on a person’s ability to drive. These include:

  • Visual Distractions – causing the driver to take their eyes off the road
  • Manual Distractions – removing one or both hands from the steering wheel
  • Cognitive Distractions – things that take a driver’s mind off of what they’re doing

Some of the most common distractions for truck drivers are things like texting, talking on the phone, or eating food, but it has been found that phone usage is by far the most dangerous distraction because it impairs the driver visually, manually, and cognitively.

Federal Laws on Cell Phone Use for Truck Drivers

To reduce truck accidents due to distracted driving, some states have passed legislation that makes it illegal to use cell phones while driving. In addition to local laws, the Department of Transportation has made it illegal for truck and bus drivers to use their cell phones while operating any vehicle over 10,000 lbs.

If You’ve Been Injured, Seek Help

If you’ve been injured by a distracted truck driver, call the offices of the BCN Law Firm immediately. Our lawyers specialize in helping individuals who have suffered loss due to vehicle accidents, and we can get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (352) 394-2103