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Find a Lawyer

How do you find a lawyer? Ask others their opinions? Look for a billboard? Check out local firms on the internet? The fact is, in today’s world attorneys are going to advertise and you will be inundated by every conceivable form of communication including park benches, the radio, TV commercials, form letters in the mail and billboards.

How Do You Find A Great Lawyer?
The State of Florida’s website is a valuable tool. Ask your friends and colleagues. Become informed about the areas of law a firm specializes in before you engage them. At BCN Law Firm our attorneys have experience in a wide range of areas of law, so whatever your need, we have the resources to help you.

The Following Are Great Resources to Use to Find A Lawyer:
Local Recommendations And Referrals
Talk to business people in the community and ask for their opinion. This is a way to get a quality referral from people who already used an attorney’s services and plowed the waters for you.

Law Firm Websites
Almost every law firm has a website. These sites are different in many aspects as to quality and content but there are some things to look for.  The good news in Florida is that Lawyers websites are heavily regulated and the Florida bar will not tolerate false claims. If you sense that is happening contact the Florida Bar right away. Also, if you need a local attorney, confine your web searches for local key words. For instance—If you need a bankruptcy Attorney in Clermont than Google the phrase “Bankruptcy Attorney In Clermont.” This will give you a selection of Law Firms locally. A free consultation* can be an opportunity to see if that firm is a good fit for you and your case.When searching online for a lawyer, determine if a local firm meets your standards before looking outside your city. This is important as you move forward in your case.

At BCN Law Firm we constantly strive to give our clients a positive experience. “Know Your Attorney. Know Your Options.” 855-LAW-2020.