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Sinkhole Signs And Causes

How to discern sinkhole signs and causes? That is the question most homeowners should ask before purchasing. Sinkholes or depressions occur as the limestone below cracks and develops fractures and cavities . Waters seep through the soil and over long periods of time can lead to the breakdown .

Most often these types of events will occur after a high accumulation of rainfall in a shortened amount of time. However, sinkholes can also take place in dry conditions when the water table drops or dries out.
There are several signs you can watch for that may lead to the formation of a sinkhole:

  • Cracks in the ground surface.
  • Ponding: Small ponds of rainfall forming where water has not collected before
  • Turbidity or cloudiness in water in the wells
  • Wilting of small, circular areas of vegetation. This is caused by moisture draining into a developing sinkhole below the surface
  • Doors and windows out of alignment and that fail to close properly
  • Slumping or sagging fence posts, trees or other yard objects
  • Structural cracks in the walls, ceiling, floors and driveway
  • Fresh exposure on foundations and trees that are caused by sinking ground

Steps To Take If You Have A Sinkhole
Your first inclination is to contact your insurance company. That would be a prudent thing as they will be paying out claims against the loss. As a law firm we have represented thousands of people with their sinkhole claims and one thing we know is that you never except an offer without having a professional validate that is in your best interests. In Florida we see an increased attempt at stonewalling pay out of claims or inadequate payouts prompting lawsuits. At this juncture you need representation and that is where BCN comes in. Attorney Heath Nailos is a Central Florida resident and has represented people all over the state in their claims. He is very motivated to make sure that you receive fair compensation. His staff is well organized and knowledgeable with Florida sink hole laws. It is our goal to get the best settlement for our clients and if the insurance companies drag the process out unfairly we will Litigate. They know this and will usually settle with our clients promptly. Call our office at 855-LAW-2020 today for your free consultation*.