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When you are dealing with a foreclosure of your home you should seek the advice of a BCN Foreclosure Defense Attorney–The call is free. 855-529-2020

As a professional Foreclosure Defense Attorney firm in Clermont we have seen firsthand the financial devastation the housing markets have caused. House prices typically gain about 2-4% a year in equity. Sometimes you see the rate higher but on average the houses gain a couple of points a year. History has shown us that when things jump in value quickly the prices might be artificially generated. From 2003 to 2008 the Housing Bubble expanded at a rate that made it almost a no brainer not to get involved. T.V. shows were created like “Flip This House” and stars were made about people that could find a home, fix it and flip it for a quick profit. In my neighborhood a 5000 square foot home that was built and sold in 2001 for $275,000, was then bought and sold 3 more times with the current owner in it for over $550,000. The home appraised less than its original value and now these people are stuck in a turkey that will not in their lifetimes ever gain enough value to make any profit. This event has replicated in mass and now people are losing their homes through foreclosures and the trend does not look to be stopping.

As depressing as this sounds the good news is as a homeowner you have several options to salvage a “hopeless” situation. I will cover those in a minute. First I need you to know that the housing fiasco has generated some interesting scenarios that most homeowners are unaware of. When you hire BCN our Clermont Foreclosure Defense Attorneys will start to sift through the legal rights of the lender to your property. It is our job to see if they have illegitimate claims or illegal instances of abuse on their part to remove you. This is where a good foreclosure lawyer is a valuable asset to you. We have seen instances where the mortgage was repackaged and sold so many times that the deed is missing. Also, valuable documents come up missing that put the bank’s position in jeopardy for a legitimate foreclosure. That is what we do with mounting an aggressive foreclosure defense for our clients. We dig deep to assure you that your rights are protected with the full weight of the law backing up our claims.

As I stated earlier, you have several options in mounting a defense to keep your house. One is called a Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure and the other is a Short Sale.

Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure
This is where you voluntarily transfer ownership of the home to the Bank and they release you from all assumed obligations with the mortgage and note. Sometimes a lender will ask for a promissory note from the homeowner to cover a portion of expected losses in exchange for the Deed in Lieu. This transaction is supposed to benefit both parties mutually and allow the process to finalize smoothly. The bank by entering into this agreement forestalls any fees incurred by hiring an attorney and starting foreclosure proceedings. You, the homeowner should get a waiver of recourse on any outstanding balances or the agreement is not for your benefit. This is where our Foreclosure Defense Attorneys council comes in and is invaluable as we will know if it is beneficial to you. If the bank fails to offer the waiver of recourse with the deed in lieu than it would be better to let the bank start the foreclosure and negotiate for a waiver of deficiency with the banks foreclosure attorneys.

Short sale
This option allows you to sell off the home for less than the outstanding balance and the bank agrees to the short sale and accepts its proceeds to fully satisfy the loan. There are many things that can happen during the short sale and speaking to our attorneys is in your best interest as we will defend your rights and estate. The banks can still file a foreclosure action as to motivate the owner to a quick sale. This is so the short sale won’t be a long drawn out process. If a bank files foreclosure even during a short sale it can buy you time to sell the house as we have to mount a defense to the foreclosure suit. So as you can see the actual handling of a foreclosure will determine the outcome of your assets. Do not ignore the foreclosure suit while you attempt to short sale as this can negatively affect you even after the house is sold. Call us today at 855-LAW-2020 to discuss your options.

The Foreclosure Defense Attorney at the Law firm of Boyette, Cummins and Nailos have over 120 years combined experience. We have 12 staff Lawyers and a large support staff of paralegals who are passionate about helping you keep your home. The first consult is free and it is from there that we can start the beginnings of mounting a successful defense of your rights. If you or a loved one is suffering from the recent financial downturns please call us today.

Know Your Attorney. Know Your Options.