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There are many options you can exercise when getting out of an unmanageable home. Let our Winter Garden Short Sale Attorneys discuss your options today. 855-529-2020

Winter Garden Short Sale Attorney

People often confuse a short sale with a traditional transaction. That is not what happens when you want to quickly unload your house. A short sale is simply when you sell your home for less than you owe the bank. The goal is to shed the liability and walk away. The lender typically approves the transaction and already agrees to the lower amount.

We are seeing more of these types of cases and our Winter Garden Short Sale Attorneys are seeing more clients than in years past. The real estate market has changed and in the current economic environment people need to know what their alternatives are. Don’t think that because a short sale might be available that you can get it automatically. That is a big mistake and can cost you in the long run. If you are a candidate than the Winter Garden Short sale will save you hundreds if not thousand a month and keep you from a foreclosure. The results are that you might be able to get a different home that is better suited to your budget.

Another reason for a favorable short sale is that it might be in the lender’s best interest to accept the offer and salvage a bad deal. Thus all parties get something. We have found some lenders even giving cash back to do a short sale. The key is to effectively negotiate with them and that is what our Attorneys and paralegals do best. We have your best interests at heart. Our short sale specialists also handle Clermont, Ocoee and Leesburg Florida filings.

Winter Garden Short Sale Consultation
At BCN Law Firm we have 11 Attorneys and forty support staff who are very good at what they do. Allow us the opportunity to consult with you and from that meeting we can design a strategy to move you from stress to peace. It will be a semi hard road if you try it on your own, but if you give us that burden we will bear it and allow you to finally breathe. Call our Winter Garden Short Sale Attorneys at 855-LAW-2020 today for a free consultation*.