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The Different Types of Alimony in Florida

Couples who are considering a divorce in Florida need to be aware of the different options for spousal support, and should know how the state determines those payments.

Legislation threatens to change regularly, but until it does, anybody going through a divorce should be aware of the different types of alimony offered in Florida:

Temporary Alimony

In some instances, alimony can begin being paid out during a divorce proceeding. This is called temporary alimony, and it happens when a judge determines that one spouse will have to make support payments to the other. Temporary alimony payments stop as soon as a formal divorce decree is finalized.

Bridge-the-gap Alimony

This type of alimony is useful for those who need a short-term solution for transitioning from married life to being single. These payments can last a maximum of two years and are rewarded to those who have easily identifiable needs. For example, help with living expenses until the house sells.

Rehabilitative Alimony

In a divorce, it is common for one party to need assistance getting back on their feet afterwards. Rehabilitative alimony allows that person to pay for training or education related to finding gainful employment. Florida requires anybody seeking rehabilitative alimony to submit an outline of how much time and money is needed to achieve their goal.

Permanent Alimony

Some situations may cause a judge to award a party permanent alimony. Under those circumstances, the judge will state reasons why other forms of alimony won’t suffice. Typically, permanent alimony is awarded to those who are deemed unable to support themselves.

Durational Alimony

When other types of support are not suitable, durational alimony is an optional. It is only available for as long as the marriage lasted, so if a spouse was married for 10 years, they may only receive payments for 10 years.

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