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The Most Effective Sinkhole Attorneys Around

Sinkholes can spring up from seemingly nowhere and leave homes and property devastated, while the property owners are left to pick up the pieces and fight with insurance companies for compensation. At the BCN Law Firm, we have an extensive record of helping policy holders get all that their insurance policies entitle them to.

If your insurance company is either undervaluing or not honoring an eligible sinkhole damage claim, we can help.

Sinkhole Damage Insurance

Early signs of a possible sinkhole include cracks in the foundation, floors, or walls of your home, and when a sinkhole begins to form, time is of the essence to prevent further damage.

Sinkhole claims can be daunting, as there is a wide variety of different types of sinkholes, and corresponding coverage types. Florida law dictates that insurance companies must include coverage for “catastrophic ground collapse”, which results in damage that leaves the home uninhabitable, as part of standard homeowners’ insurance.

Additional sinkhole coverage is often available, but not all insurance providers offer extended coverage for sinkhole damage. Some insurance companies have even been known to try and devalue the damage or outright deny sinkhole claims.

We Can Help

Insurance companies often work with the same group of geologists and engineers to evaluate property damage and sinkhole sites, which often leads to appraisals that unfairly favor the insurer. Our team works closely with experienced, unbiased geologists, engineers, and contractors to offer a fair appraisal, and our attorneys have the experience necessary to fight for your side of the claim dispute.

If you’ve experienced sinkhole damage and believe that your insurance company is not treating your claim fairly, contact the team here the BCN Law Firm in Clermont today at 855-LAW-2020 to schedule your consultation.