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When to Hire a HOA Attorney

If you’ve been cited or fined by your homeowners’ association or your HOA has filed a lawsuit against you, contacting a HOA attorney can be a smart move. Being in a dispute with your HOA is never a pleasant time, but unfortunately it is quite common. An experienced HOA attorney is knowledgeable about all relevant dispute matters and state laws surrounding your issue, and can advise you of your legal rights and responsibilities while representing you in negotiations with your HOA or in court.

Common Disputes Against HOAs

The following are matters that often result in HOA disputes over failure to handle obligations including:

  • Making changes to HOA rules and regulations
  • Landscaping-related issues
  • Failure to maintain common areas
  • Additions like decks, fences, trees, or room additions
  • Noise problems from pets, loud music, loud cars, etc.
  • Enforcement of association governing documents

Common Disputes Against Homeowners by HOAs

  • Failure to pay HOA dues or assessments
  • Not maintaining the home in accordance with HOA regulations
  • Parking in unauthorized areas
  • Bans on certain types, sizes, and numbers of pets

Living in a community with a homeowners association isn’t for everybody, and it’s a good idea to find out if there are any ongoing lawsuits between homeowners and the HOA if you’re considering moving into a particular community. Doing some research to find out the nature of any lawsuits can give you important insight as to the dynamic of the community before you commit to living there.

Let Us Help

If you’re involved in a dispute with your HOA, let the experienced HOA attorneys here at the BCN Law Firm in Clermont help. HOA issues can quickly become heated and emotional, making it important to have an attorney on your side that can handle negotiations and resolve the dispute on your behalf.

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