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How To File Bankruptcy

This article will show you how to file bankruptcy in Clermont Florida. With proper guidance, the process is clear-cut and can be accomplished in a short amount of time. BCN Law Firm’s Clermont bankruptcy attorney is Wade Boyette. In his years of experience he has handled many bankruptcy cases. Mr. Boyette graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1989… View Article

How to Get A Loan Modification

When looking at how to get a loan modification, a simple conclusion can be made—much of the information available is inaccurate.  Clermont Loan Modification Attorney Wade Boyette often sees and hears this firsthand when clients come in for their consultations. Many are relieved when they realize what options are for debt relief and loan modification are actually available…. View Article

Trust Attorney in Clermont

When setting up a trust, as a beneficiary or trustee you may have some questions regarding benefits and your legal rights. The administration of a trust can be complicated and difficult. That is why you need to consult with a Clermont Trust Administration Lawyer today who will answer your questions and help you set up… View Article

Slip and Fall Attorney in Clermont

Every year we see multitudes of people injured because of someone else’s negligence. People simply fail to maintain their property and allow it to become unsafe and fail to notify the public about potential dangers. Slip and Fall Free Consultation*: 855-529-2020 Property owners must legally provide safe premises when people are there for any reason…. View Article

Divorce Mediation Attorney in Clermont

You have several possibilities with a divorce mediation Fight it in the courts or Litigate: This is the worst possible of the solutions as it can be drawn out, very expensive and ultimately damaging to any children. The final outcome is placed in the Judge’s hand and not yours. Try for a Settlement or Negotiate… View Article

Clermont Child Custody Attorney

Not long ago in the State of Florida it was common for the mom to retain custody of the children in the event of a divorce. The dad was awarded visitation rights and that is how the law granted the child custody rights. Well, that has changed dramatically in the last couple of years as… View Article

Asset and Debt Division

Outside of Child Custody issues, the division of assets and debts can be one of the most contested and hottest areas to discuss with spouses attempting to get a divorce. This stems from the fact that when it comes to dividing assets it usually involves more than one issue alone. Multiple factors are wrapped within… View Article

Clermont Divorce Modifications

Some are under the notion that a divorce decree is subject to individual interpretation or suggestion. This is far from the reality of the truth. The court mandates orders that are specific and must be adhered to in the intent they were written. Parents can only deviate from its decisions under specific provisions, which in… View Article

Personal Injury Attorney In Clermont

Chances are that if you have experienced an accident than you are going through physical as well as emotional difficulties. Many have seen their injuries cause them to not be able to perform their job responsibilities for up to a year. That can cause un-do financial strain and hardship. The repercussions from the accident can… View Article


Most think filing bankruptcy is the last resort or the end of the financial road. You lose your job, get sick, a possible divorce or any number of life’s situations and suddenly you are put in a position of financial difficulty. The thoughts of not knowing what to do and hopelessness are rampant. The good… View Article