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In most cases you will pay a small fee which includes the filing fees. If you need time we offer an easy payment plan for you. By doing this you can stop the harassment today!

It’s no joke! Extreme debt is the one of the main causes of depression and poverty in the United States and with the current financial climate— Bankruptcy cases are at an all time high. You should not feel ashamed as millions have had to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy or a chapter 7 bankruptcy. The great Walt Disney filed Bankruptcy, and it helped him build the most profitable entertainment empire ever. You are not alone and we can help bring some peace to your home.


There is one problem which exists; to file for Bankruptcy you should have a bankruptcy attorney on your side, which can cost a substantial amount of money if you hire the wrong lawyer. Many individuals often fail to successfully file for bankruptcy because of the work that is involved. The stress that an individual is put under is extreme and often results in restless nights and strained relationship. Stop this crazy downward spiral and get control of your life again!!


Low fee and possible payment plans are offered. Call today to know your options!!!!!

Here at BCN Law firm, we understand your predicament and empathize with your situation. We want to make sure that you get an expedient solution to the issues you face and we also want to make it easier for you to move on in life. To that end, we have devised an easy payment plan, if needed, to make your Bankruptcy case less stressful and easy on your finances. Just fill out the above form for your free consultation* or call 855-529-2020 and start the process of being free today.

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