Defective stucco installation claims are on the rise all throughout Florida, and thousands of homeowners, condominium associations, homeowners associations, and commercial property owners stucco claim floridahave fallen victim to defective stucco issues in 2017.

Stucco is an exterior finish commonly used on homes and commercial structures in Florida that prevents water penetration and offers strong protection against the elements. There are detailed building codes in place that outline standards for proper stucco installation that builders are required to adhere to, in order to ensure that the stucco performs as designed.

Is My Stucco Damaged?

In many instances, the symptoms of defective and improperly installed stucco are obvious. Cracking and separating from the underlying structure are most common, and it may even fall completely off in extreme circumstances. You may notice discoloration or rust spots on the finish from water intrusion, and this is often an indicator of underlying problems caused by the stucco being ineffective. Damages can include things like rotting wood, water-soaked insulation, mold growth, and even structural damage.

What to do if Your Stucco is Damaged

  • Take photographs of the damage for your records
  • Collect all sales contracts from your builder or contractor
  • Obtain a copy of any warranty documentation from your builder or contractor
  • Compile a list of any insurance policies that may cover your home or building

BCN Law Firm Can Help

With thousands of first party insurance litigation cases under our belt and over twenty years of property insurance law experience, the BCN Law Firm is prepared to help you fight for reparations. If your home is one of the many affected by the Florida stucco epidemic, the lawyers at BCN Law Firm Clermont want to help. Contact us today at (352)-394-2103 for a free consultation*.