Foreclosure: You Have Options, Find out what they are

Stop Foreclosure proceedings and the harassing letters and allow us to fight for your rights.

Foreclosure rates have skyrocketed nationwide, but nowhere has been harder hit than Florida. At BCN Law firm, we have dedicated Foreclosure Attorneys with a successful track record in defending our clients’ properties.

Is losing your home to foreclosure inevitable? No! It doesn’t need to be. You have options. What you need is a good Foreclosure Defense Attorney.

If you are not informed of your options, then you are at a severe disadvantage.

We can help you with your options in foreclosure defense:

  • Loan Modification
  • Lower your payments while keeping your house.
  • Stipulated Foreclosure with no deficiency
  • Short Sale
  • Stopping a foreclosure while convincing the bank to forgive your debt
  • Deed in lieu of Foreclosure
  • Filing Bankruptcy

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