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Property buyers sometimes feel that they do not need to acquire the service of a Lake County Real Estate Attorney. However, what’s not understood is that sometimes avoiding legal representation in the first place, and not having good council, can actually cost a lot in the long run. This decision can turn out to be a much more expensive proposition than calculated. A Real Estate Attorney in Lake County Florida is knowledgeable in his field and can help in qualifying the deal and ensuring that all the parties involved in the transaction, whether it is the realtors, buyers, or the mortgage brokers, all have a successful transaction. By calling BCN law firm we will offer you a free consultation*. Call 855-LAW-2020 to set up the interview.

Duties performed by Our Lake County Real Estate Attorney
Our attorneys provide skilled legal assistance before and after a closing on residential real estate, including:

  • Negotiating contracts
  • Examining purchase or sale agreements
  • Reviewing lease agreement contracts
  • Negotiating inspection items
  • Resolving lender issues and contingencies
  • Scheduling the closing
  • Clearing and resolving title transfers
  • Addressing insurance concerns
  • Ordering titles, surveys, and water/zoning certificates
  • Verifying and resolving property tax issues
  • Preparing or reviewing documents
  • Addressing walk-through concerns

Our firm represents buyers and sellers, and offers extensive experience handling real estate transactions involving single family homes, investment properties, or condominiums. The real estate market has changed rapidly in Lake County Florida and if you do not have the right council the chances increase as to you not closing, having a title or deed issues and possible overpaying for services. An attorney helps in ensuring that the contract regarding your land or any of your property is reviewed before execution. Our staff will review the documents to see if they are in order and the information is correct before advising you to accept them. Using our Lake County Real Estate Attorneys will show that you are serious about the deal going through, and this way the other party will cooperate and make the transaction easier. Many documents can sometimes have missing or altered data. These discrepancies will be noticed and corrected by our Lawyers.

If you or someone you know is about to initiate a Lake County real estate transaction then call us at 855-LAW-2020 for your free consultation*.