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Land Use Attorney

Zoning and land use laws were established to protect where residential and commercial property lines and areas meet. This is important, especially when growth takes place and businesses and individuals start buying property. Our Florida Land Use Attorney can advise you to these laws and you can schedule your free consultation* today by calling 855-529-2020.
The land use laws establish specific boundaries between commercial and residential areas as well as set up the minimum distances between structures such as residential dwellings, schools, churches and commercial buildings.

The proper understanding of zoning and land use laws is very important when you are dealing with a potential real estate purchase. Without a good foundation of these laws you put yourself in jeopardy financially and can hinder any business goals or potential closings.

BCN law firm has a great real estate department and Wade Boyette has 20 plus years as a land use attorney serving his client’s interests and protecting their assets. Contact him today for immediate access at 855-529-2020.